Precision metallic mold

Notching mold

  • Tab-shaped punching mold on the anode and cathode thin film of secondary battery
  • Precision clearance of the punch and die of the cutting part is in units of microns, and precision tolerance is required for design, processing, and assembly.
  • Use of ultra-fine powdered carbide to reduce the anti-power generated during die & punch punching and to improve wear resistance

Forming mold

  • Mold to draw aluminum pouch of secondary battery in cup shape
  • Precision is required to deliver an aluminum pouch with an average thickness of 113㎛ to the punch with a uniform pressure.
  • Use of synchronous driven stripper to prevent whitening and wrinkles from occurring during pouch forming

Blanking mold

  • Mold for punching the anode and cathode Bi-cell of secondary battery
  • Precision mold that can minimize the occurrence of burrs without the removal of active material when punching the coating part of the electrode