Core technology

Technology innovation for the future does not stop

We leap one step further as a company that leads future technological
innovation with constant efforts to develop new, creative technologies.

01Precision metalic mold

We have secured technology capable of responding to various physical properties of secondary battery films and coated active materials for each customer and product. We have excellent design manpower, processing technology, and assembly capability and we provide our products quickly on time.

02Mechanical components and automated equipment

We achieved technological innovation and production innovation based on the know-how accumulated through localization and process improvement of foreign facilities.


By developing plating and surface treatment equipment, the existing electroplating and non-chromate treatment are aligned to greatly improve productivity, and various foreign substances on the surface of the electrode terminal can be effectively removed using a surface treatment squeezer. Partial plating, R-Cutting, and Punching, which are various customer requirements, are provided.