Secondary Battery Total Solution

  • Secondary Battery
    Total Solution

Precision Metalic Mold

We design, process, and assemble precision molds required for secondary battery manufacturing through the best precision metallic molds. With the design technology optimized for customer-desired specifications, we can handle a variety of molds from small-sized molds used for smartphones to medium and large-sized ones used for electric vehicles, and large precision molds required for ESS.

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Machine Parts

Mechanical parts include knife units, friction shafts, notching press units, and lami cutters. These products have succeeded in localization of foreign-made facilities for precision machine parts to improve productivity and processes so client companies can realize the cost reduction.

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Automated Equipment

We derive the concept of equipment which is appropriate for the characteristics of the manufacturing process of our clients. We supply manufacturing facilities that can increase productivity and improve quality through optimized design. We are contributing to precision parts processing and local production with excellent automation design technology.

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Lead Tab

We have our own technology for designing, manufacturing, and setup for various lead taps ranging from small lead taps to extra-large lead taps. We lead the field of secondary batteries with differentiated patented technology that improves productivity by increasing the fusion characteristics through the surface treatment of the positive terminal.

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Global Network

Yujin Technology Co., Ltd. is expanding as a global company
with technological competitiveness.

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